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September 08, 2007


Cat Bordhi

Dear Emma-

Someone sent me your blog today and I had to write and tell you how delighted I am. All you needed was the suggestion that the increases/ decreases could be put anywhere, and you figured out a great place to camouflage them. Don't open my book too fast when you get it - you might want to explore the inside of your own wonderful head a bit more first.

I love that you leaped so happily into the unknown with a mere suggestion. Although I can see that the fit isn't perfect, it is pretty darn good. Perhaps if the heel cup were a little deeper, it would allow the extra bulk on the instep curve to flatten out.

But you hardly need me or anyone else giving you ideas - you have your own and are a great example of an intelligent, thinking, in charge knitter.

Wishing you years and years of happy experiments and discoveries,


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