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Saturday, October 30, 2004



What a disappointment! I adored the lime flavour along with the lemon. The rest were pretty much trade-fodder.

cathy b

Haven't had any Lifesavers for years, but reading this made me mad. I've always been annoyed to get a green Jolly Ranchers and think "lime" then taste--yuck--green apple. Who ever decided green apple was a flavor, anyway? How often does someone eat an unripe apple and have good memories of it? Are the Lifesavers people doing a "new coke" sort of thing to the Jollyrancher's Pepsi share of the market?

My candy rant--bags of "spice" jellybeans where they look like normal jellybeans but the reds are cinnamon and the greens are spearmint. Not flavors I want or expect when I eat red or green jellybeans. For some reason my dad buys those every Easter (must be cheaper?) and each year I'll innocently toss some jellybeans in my mouth and end up running to spit them out in the trash.


Ewwww....I HATE apple candies. I can't believe Lifesavers replaced the lime ones. Jerks.


Word word word! EVERYONE is getting rid of lime in favor of apple or watermelon. What the HELL Is that about? Perfectly good lifesavers and starbursts, completely ruined. Forget the economy and Iraq, I want to know what the hell is being done about this sour apple hostile takeover!!

Diane K.

Are there no more lime Life Savers??? If I bother to get a bag or roll of Life Savers, I pitch the green apple or watermelon. They taste terrible! Bring back the original flavors, I'd buy them by the pound, if I could get the ORIGINAL flavors. None of the flavors they have now taste like the originals. they are kind of bitter.

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