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Wednesday, May 25, 2005



Aren't things like this so disturbing? I hate the trend to make "health" high-tech and mass produced--which is to say, expensive and separated from personal responsibility.


How awful. But really, about 90 percent of the stuff marketed and sold to expectant or new parents is useless crap. When I go to baby showers, I look at most of the stuff and just roll my eyes. Ask anyone who has had a few kids what stuff is really necessary and the list is pretty short. Diapers, undershirts, a few nightgowns, maybe a sling.

Brooklyn Girl

I got the same email....Thanks for putting my feelings into words for me!

boxing octopus

i tried one serving of healthy mom -- it's basically slim-fast, only more expensive. so now i just give it away as snacks at work.


Funny how Ross, one of the major formula manufacturers, is marketing what is essentially a formula for grownups to pregnant and *nursing* mothers. Can't get 'em to give it to their babies? Maybe you can get them to take it themselves. Either way, they get paid. Ew, except not so funny!


Eww, that's just SO wrong. A _snickers bar_ sounds less processed and more healthy than that. :p


When I was in my third trimester, I was all about the Luna bars. Ensure shakes just sound nasty.


I'm not sure I should post here because I kindof like it. I've agreed with most other posts, and I WANT to go as natural and straight as possible, but I haven't been able to keep down what I should. I was at a friend's at a get-together and was trying to find something healthy to no avail. They suggested trying this (she did get it for free), and it actually stayed down! I don't want to admit it, I'd like to stay with natural foods, but if I can get a good portion of the nutrients I need in a form that won't end up in the toilet, even if I don't want to like it because of the sugar content, I might have to like it because my body does and my baby needs it.

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