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Monday, March 20, 2006



I was worried about missing something, too - my mom is currently our babysitter while I try to finish my dissertation, so there are hours I'm not there for. But I sometimes feel so damned tired and like I just don't have any right answers, let alone all of them, that I've reached the point that I'm happy for grandma to teach her any new tricks that she'd like. I gush over them all the same. ;)


Aww. Here's to the clean, honest joy!

Will have to look into the Brooks piece...


Hi! I just found your blog and will keep checking in with you because of our commonalities: I had a baby that was due around the time your babe was due (though she came two months early) and I'm starting a tenure-track job in the midwest Fall semester.


I love this blog and I'm bookmarking it.

Both of my kids walked first at daycare--my son just last week. I wrote about it in a recent blog entry.

I found daycare firsts to "feel" the same as you did--joyful. I didn't mind missing out; I enjoyed seeing the results.

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