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Thursday, October 30, 2008



How was the NT scan?


that is a powerful photographic commentary.

i do hope you're ok. i've been on pins and needles, having been through the too-low heartbeat (which the RE interpreted as likely meaning an extra chromosome), followed by a normal heartbeat (which she thought meant my miscarriage chances were down to just average). it was an extra chromosome, sadly, as the genetic analysis showed after the miscarriage. i was thankful i got the results after the d&c, so that i knew definitively that my child would have otherwise experienced great pain from the defective organs that would have developed had it lived. small comfort, but helpful for healing.

the sample size in the heartbeat study you cited was far too small for my taste.


Just wanted to know I'm thinking of you. And I've been in the "do more than I think is necessary now so I can say no later with a clean conscience" boat before myself, with mixed results. Once it worked beautifully -- when the time came, I was able to say "NO" clearly, firmly, and with a sparkling conscience, which almost never happens. The other time I felt significantly less guilty than I usually do, but things were messier and my conscience still plagued me afterwards (but to a greatly reduced degree, so it was still worth it in the end).

I wishing all the best for you and Beaker and Miss T.


I wish I could bring you a casserole.

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