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Sunday, January 18, 2004



Hi,found your blog through "This Woman's Work". I loved reading it. I hope that your Dean calls you with good news. I will think some good thoughts for you.

I have a few comments.

"Actually becoming the scholar that my department and I are currently pretending I am."

I laughed so hard when I read this because I have the same problem except I work at "SmallTownStateCollegeinMidwest". I got tenure when I was 28 so there must have been something scholarly about me. I doubt it. I think they were trying to work some sort of gender equity agreement the union made them sign. I now struggle with keeping up with my scholar status while advising 50 students, teaching four classes, and running a lab. I never wanted to teach at Impressive. I knew I'd be better suited to a small place cause I enjoy my autonomy.

"Saving my family"
For years I thought I could have my career and help out my dad and sister with my maniac depressive bipolar mom and addict brother who all live in MarthaStewartville. I tried but it wore me down emotionally and caused me to have a huge amount of frequent flyer miles. I abdicated to my little sister about five years ago. She runs the show cause I couldn't anymore and my dad wouldn't. I'm sorry you don't have someone to share this with. It must be tough. The decisions are difficult.

"Getting Pregnant"
Go for the fall if you can. Having a baby at the end of the spring term can really work for you. Good luck with all of it. My sister is struggling with many of the same problems you are in this catagory and it's heartbreaking. I can't even fathom the pain and disappointment that you have been through.

Emma Jane

Oh _wow_. I am so tickled that someone responded to all three themes! Not to mention took time out of a schedule like that! Thank you!

One small response: I first warned my department chair that I might be taking some surprise leave, let's see, 18 months ago (and boy am I glad he's never asked about it again). While I applaud the many women at Granolan, and throughout academia, who have had babies in June, I gotta say that, at this point, the academic timing of the end point of the process is pretty low on my list of concerns. We have a crappy maternity leave policy, but I'm just gonna take the pay cut and skip out for at least a semester, if I get the chance...


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