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Wednesday, April 21, 2004



hi . . . followed a link to your site and had an odd synchronicity. I'm taking a course in holistic nutrition and just finished a book that had the most facinating section on women who are having intense trouble getting pregnant. I don't want to bang you over the head with unwanted advice so if you want more info just drop me a line :) Katherine

Brad DeLong

Alas, "the engaging-anecdote, let's-make-fun-of-really-naive-rational-choice-theory level where reading this, and a couple of similar articles, has left me" level is about where behavioral economics is right now. You're state-of-the-art.


Here's a cite for decision making.


It might not be exactly what you're looking for, 'cause it's neuroscience/brain oriented, but it discusses some of the issues that you mention about the current re-evaluations of rational choice theories. There's a confluence of neuroscience and behavioral economics that's making this a "hot" subject. It's a bit weird that it's hot, because psychologists have known for a long time that the brain works in mysterious ways, and the economists are just discovering it (and re-discovering things the psychologists already knew).

BTW, I'm dying to know exactly what your field is. I got to your site via the chronical of higher education, and am also a faculty member (my field is neuroscience). I'm not tenured, and am at a research 1 university, where I'm required to have an active research program (i.e. > 250K of outside funding/year). So, we're not the same, but I've been finding your musings interesting. I'm particularly interested because I have graduate students who are interested in working at teaching institutions, but am at a loss on how to advise them.

I would like to hear more from you and would welcome an e-mail if our fields overlap enough that you might be interested in talking to me.


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