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Monday, July 26, 2004



Ooh. That does sound like food poisoning. Ugh -- I hope you feel better.

On the temperature thing, the problem is that temp is in some ways a very subjective thing. If you're in the last half of your cycle, you're running warmer in general, so it takes more to make you feel feverish (i.e. warmer than normal) than it does in the first half. The temp you cite seems fine to me. (I've felt feverish at times when the temp registered 36 C, which is approximately 97F, and just fine at 38C (100F).)

/lecture (which I know you just wanted to hear...)

In any case, I hope you feel well soon. :)


Based on my experience, it isn't food poisoning unless it involves much vomiting throughout the night to the point of dry heaves. Feeling like you are going to pass out in the shower the next morning is also consistent. In any event, I hope you feel better.

Emma Jane

Now, I know everyone is dying to know what happened.

I felt slightly feverish the rest of the day. My temperature hovered in the high 98's. No further tummy troubles.

The next morning, I awoke feeling fine. Took my temperature: 99.

So then I stopped taking my temperature (I promise).

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