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Thursday, December 16, 2004



I'm so sorry, my friend.

Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Emma Jane

Whoops! Sorry; my verbs tenses did get clotted up there. So far I've just been stabbed for luteal bloodwork; the day for my anticipated post-beta infinite bitterness is Monday.


Well, hell, woman! Why didn't you say so?

I now formally retract all prior condolences.


I totally agree. We need Dr. Schlegel for surgery every time. When we first met with him we felt like we had been in a cave for our first four cycles. He is years ahead of his colleagues for male surgery. And the rest of it? While personally I am more ignored, those calling the shots are the best. I'm glad you said this now, but I do hope you'll be even happier on Monday!


I will keep all my bits crossed for you this weekend. I'm glad you felt like you had a better experience. Yeah!

Brooklyn Girl

Wishing good things for you, my friend.

The Barrenness

A consistently professional and encouraging staff? That's virtually unheard of in the RE business. Where can I sign up?


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