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Thursday, December 09, 2004



1. WTF? How does that help? God, I hate new age flakes.

2. I like Closer quite a bit. I was also rooting for Anna, and totally understood her plight. It's hard to not fall for a man that is obsessed with you. I did, however, root a bit for Larry, because holy shit is Clive Owen hot hot fucking hot. Especially in that movie. When he's all wrecked in the strip club, I just wanted to lick his face. So sue me.

3. I want pictures to. And I want Julia to be brave, like Courtney Cox, and tell the truth. I hated Courtney before, but after reading about her struggles I developed a grudging respect.



I meant I want pictures too. Crap.


I'm loathe to admit this publicly, but I subscribe to both People and US Weekly and often flip through the Enquirer and the Star at the Wal-Mart checkout. And if I recall the People cover story correctly, she did shoot Closer while she was pregnant (and didn't announce the pregnancy until it wrapped).

And I don't know why people are shocked that she might have done IVF with PGD. If you were Julia Roberts, wouldn't you? (Asked rhetorically, of course.)

Hope the green teas help make this cycle a success!


You're much nicer than I am. Because I would have said to the teashop woman, "Excuse me, I just can't take seriously the advice of someone who can't manage to predict the demand for JASMINE accurately."

Good luck with the embryos. If you're looking for something else soothing and low-caffeine, white tea might be good, especially jasmine white tea if you can get hold of it. (I know there's an Imperial Earth line of that, but I've only found it in teabag, not looseleaf, form.) Not trying to give assvice, really -- I'm just a tea addict.

Emma Jane

Cecily, that's just a typo... but I've been misspelling "acupuncture" and "caffeine" for the life of my blog.

The only time I felt like Larry was even a little hot was in his office: the suit, the shiny purple tie, the white white walls, and the death-rays shooting from his eyes... but I know I'm way in the minority there.

Marion, thanks. I love white tea. I didn't want to give this place a chance to overcharge me horribly for it (I'd just about psyched myself up for what the jasmine was gonna be, had it existed), and I do have some quite nice stuff waiting at home.


Strange thing about Julia is what kind of woman who's been through IVF says that having twins is over-achieving and as for having just one "What's the point?" It's a quote from her Oprah appearance I heard she's quoted in US. Doesn't make sense to me. Most women who go through IVF would kill for one and two is fine too. There's definately a point.

I'm excited about your transfer and will be checking back for news.

And for the tea lady - what a saleswoman. So it's all in our mind huh? Sounds like a new age way of saying to just relax.

Jung Yoon

I was lonely looking for someone in common online to try to reduce my sadness of another failed IVF attempt and that is when I thought of julia roberts. I have no friends that are going through the same emotional rollercoaters as I and I am going crazy trying to find hope...

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