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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Rudbeckia Hirta


I had joked about asking my surgeon to make double-prints of my laproscopic surgery for use on my xmas cards. But even I (being a bit short of common sense and good taste) wouldn't actually DO such a thing.


arg, good grief, charlie brown! you know what's worse? getting almost the same thing except it's from that fancy schmancy pea-in-the-pod place where you can really see the baby and how they're really gonna look...i almost vomited...after looking at an innocent, unborn baby! as you know, it was the tastelessness behind it; not the womb-infested.

Brooklyn Girl

That settles it: my embryos are going on my Christmas cards.

(Seriously though, what's WRONG with people?)


I know you're hypersensitive. :)

That's why I posted about it on my site because I didn't want to leave a comment that might be taken the wrong way, or offend.

I also didn't realize that I was about to be the stupid pregnant woman.


So much for thinking. :)

I'll probably take Moxie's advise. Except just send out the announcements. My family doesn't actually do Christmas cards, I was just going to do them as a carier for the letter.

Ok, send letter after New Years. That makes it special in its own right.

See, your post helped me figure things out. Now to comment this same thing on my site.

*oh, and I am emotional train wreck. Yup. And your post just reminded me I wouldn't like to get that kind of card, and maybe I shouldn't do that to someone. Heck, I'm pregnant now, and it seems to be sticking, and I can't stand to see other pregnant women in the stores. What does that make me?*


I couldn't agree more. Really, even my own ultrasound photos weren't that interesting to me, so you can imagine that I really don't want to see anyone else's.

Good luck.


There is such a thing as being a little too excited. Perhaps she'll send out a picture of the baby's first little poo with the birth announcements.

BTW- Does anyone else think that U/S pictures make almost every fetus look like Skelator's love child?


Ug. Ick. Bleck.

The Barrenness

I don't like seeing those ultrasound pics in mass e-mailings exclaiming, "I'M PREGNANT!" either. Bah, humbug.

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