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Thursday, January 13, 2005



classic. isn't everyone's nemesis skinny & blonde? also, a belated congratulations on the peaceful, ordinary ultrasound…


You know, if this was true drama (or at least the way these stories go in all the blogs I've been reading), the punch line will turn out to be that boopsie does have an OB, but he's a high risk OB because she lost a 36 weeker to a rare genetic problem. Though, I'll admit, someone who tells you that they're due in August seems to be an unlikely candidate for a deep story.

but, i'm hoping for only boring news from you from now on.



Not laughing at your pain, but this post cracked me up!


Congratulations on your little heartbeat!

I think the script is perfect, and you should take it to hollywood.

BTW, I'm a Californian and could recommend an OB. But I'm in Santa Monica/LA area. Maybe you're moving to NoCal?


What a day! Sigh.

And the WORST thing about being pregnant is no Sushi. I argued with my doc about it endlessly--I mean, come on, millions of Japanese women eat sushi while pregnant!

Edward Ferrars

Are you sure your name is Emma and not Fanny Price?

boxing octopus

not ALL sushi is off limits, as my darling babydaddy reminded me. for example, my beloved unagi and spider rolls, drool drool. that made me happy, although he's yet to take me out for sushi.

did anyone else's ob tell them to avoid sweets?

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