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Thursday, January 27, 2005



Just get behind the wheel. You'll be fine. And you'll LOVE that manual transmission for all those hills. You'll feel like you have all the power in the world!

Sending you some relaxing vibes...


Cecily is a braver woman than I. I was going to tell you that I would also be terrified to drive a manual transmission car in a place with hills. Eek.

Not to derail you from your subject matter, but any thoughts on the recent comments from Lawrence Summers regarding gender differences and interest in math and science?


On hunger/nausea: ginger. You're in California: go to the whole foods or whatever it is and get the Santa Cruz brand of gingerale. It actually does have ginger in it, and it tastes a bit spicy and v. clean, unlike regular gingerale, which is just sugar water. Or smelling ginger, that helps too.

I also found that sugar was good. Jelly beans in the morning. Weird, but it helped.

Emma Jane

I'm trying so hard not to think about Larry's little running-off-at-the-mouth incident... hi, I'm female, and in a male-dominated field, and visiting a male-dominated institute, and in a couple of months I'll be, well, as female-looking as I'll ever be! (I'm sure the postdocs, who are overwhelmingly single and nebbishy, will not merely look away, but run... ) Oh, and I'll have extra-high levels of all those hormones that mean girls can't think straight. Cooooool!

But really, folks. What did he say that any of us couldn't have pulled out of our butts on a moment's notice? (And I've done so, for things similar to most of what he said, in semi-private circumstances. Of course, I'm not PRESIDENT of the PREMIER INSTITUTION IN AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION, or anything, and it's not like I expect stuff I just MAKE UP to be true...)

My burning questions on this sort of issue: why are just about all the women, and just about none of the men, in my grad school departmental cohort at liberal arts colleges? Why do people talk so much about a female crisis in confidence during early adolescence, when mine hit in grad school? How do I learn to socialize with people—men!—professionally, without flirting, without being the one who holds the small talk together, without being the young cute different one—just being another worker in the field, with something to say?

(It just keeps coming back to needing to feel like I have something to say, though, whether I'm worrying about gender subtexts or not. I need to do some work I'd respect if someone else had done it...)


hope you're feeling better soon.
papaya (dried version) helped queasiness for me.
Maybe you'll even enjoy the post-doc eye-averting and scattering?!
I was so glad that my undergrads couldn't take Larry's comments seriously. Maybe they're naive, but their assumptions are already grounded in a certainty that they can do/achieve what they want.


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