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Saturday, March 12, 2005



I'm so glad you survived your meeting. I cannot describe how much I hate going to meetings in my field. I am very shy, and loathe the schmoozing, especially at the banquet/social. Then there are the meetings that also have the social breakfasts. Twice the stress! The few times I've attended meetings with my boss, he always says he'll introduce around, yet he never does.


I like going to my conferences. I'm the only person at my institution who does my job so it's good to talk to people who actually get what my job is. I'm really lucky that our organization is very welcoming. After ten years I really look forward to going to the conference because I have friends there.


Your description of the Royals is a riot! There are a couple of those at every academic meeting...be it in the sciences or the humanities.:)


God. I think I've been to this conference about 10 times.

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