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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



The story of Mine Ener just breaks my heart. I was sorry to hear this latest chapter. There were so many tragedies that happened during the last part of her life, not the least of which was the DA who felt it was better for her to be in general lock-up than to be in a hospital where she might have gotten some help for her mental illness.


Ah, the Catholics think I'm evil in soooo many ways...


As a (crappy, by some accounts) Catholic, I'll tell you the secret: just slag off "the Church," as distinct from "Catholics." We use b/c, divorce, have abortions, and use ivf as often as anyone else.

Emma Jane

You know, I thought about whether to phrase it as "the Church" here, and it didn't seem right in either example. In the first case, the life-life-life arguments were certainly being made first by (fanatic) laypeople. In the second, it seemed like part of what the conference was doing was figuring out what Church positions should be, and it wasn't at all clear from the account whether anyone else agreed with (Dr.) (Fr.) Pacholczyk.

I had to take a history-of-religion class in college to start understanding at all the small extent to which American religious beliefs actually affect most people's behavior: both the Catholic and the anti-Catholic sides of my upbringing agreed that religion (or its absence) should matter in deciding what to do. I know about the stats now, but it's still hard to really believe them.


Re: Mine Ener - she's a local for me. I was just discussing her story with someone the other day. Chilling. Even the Catholic locals around here are pissed at 'Nova.

Maura in VA

Wow. I hadn't heard of the Mine Ener story before - how tragic. So much for Christian mercy. I'm surprised, actually, that the article didn't bring up the aspect of her dying a suicide, which usually also results in condemnation from the Church. It's just tragic all around. It's good to know that some of her colleagues had love and mercy in their hearts.

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