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Monday, March 28, 2005


boxing octopus

I'm 23 weeks and keep hearing "you don't look pregnant at all!" My new response is, "just fat!" I know, I should reply with something more graceful, but I guess I'm resentful that the only person who notices my bump is my hubby, who misses my old jelly belly and is kind of weirded out by the rock in its place.


I did the integrated screening tests as well, and we were happy enough with the results to skip the amnio, too (I loved the contrast between the columns of the pre-test risks and post-test risks). Do you find people ask you about this all the time, and don't quite believe you that the integrated screening test exists? Best wishes to you, the baby and your family.

Emma Jane

Ooooh yes, Beaker is certainly terrified of what's going on with my body. (And it is pretty scary!)

With the integrated screening: if I were at home in Ohindinois, it wouldn't have been possible. (I have friends there who flew to Chicago for a nuchal scan! No one in the nearest city does them!) Here in California, it seems like everyone I know who's been pregnant got increased odds on the AFP, and most went on to get amnios. So they're unhappy about that, they know how crappy the false positive rate is on the AFP, and they're glad to hear there's another option.


Seems like showing and passing the triple-screen both merit hearty congratulations.

So mazel tov.

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