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Saturday, March 05, 2005



I think we were incredibly lucky, in the end. I was, anyway. I got to have the advantages of a basically pretty good middle-class liberal family (albeit with a crazy depressed mom and checked-out dad, but everyone's got issues) and a broader social circle than most people in that situation get to have.

My concern on this issue is always that, in talking about it, I come off as "leftier-than-thou," which is a totally obnoxious game. I think that in the end, for me the thing with the students is that whole "passing" issue. It helps to know, from personal experience, that the guesses you make based on superficials are often completely wrong.


I think the "passing" issue is central. My students think immigrants are not white, and this is probably true for most of their experiences. Then they find out that I don't speak English at home. Can't see it on me. Can't hear it on me. We talk a lot about "invisible audience" characteristics, esp when they write about "them" and I clarify that we can't base our assumptions on the way things look.

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