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Friday, March 18, 2005



For what it's worth, I had an outright hissy fit at the Motherhood store in my fifth (or so) month, because I was convinced the saleslady wasn't taking me as seriously as the other women because I didn't look pregnant like they did. I dreamed last night that my uterus fell off my abdomen - despite the fact that I'm just at seven months and finally do look pregnant - and that I was no longer pregnant. Or never had been - one of those. I think there's a crowd of us (in my case, older [38] and very anxious) for whom it takes a long time for everything to seem *real*.

It gets better when the baby starts kicking, though, I promise.

As for the third trimester stuff (since, after a long time lurking, I seem to have decided to comment on everything...), it might be overdoing things a bit. I find that it's pretty much all I can do to drag myself off to the one class I teach this semester, then go back home and collapse on the sofa. But, then, I'm older, which seems to have an effect on things.

Hang in there!


Re. travel: at the beginning of my 8th month I flew to London, then Berlin, then back to London for a wedding (with a side trip to visit my husband's aunt--I mean, we don't get over to Europe that often).

A couple of weeks later we took a last-minute cross-country flight to my father-in-law's funeral. We had been planning to drive (money reasons) but he died sooner than we expected.

So yeah, sure, you can do it. Driving is probably better b/c you can stop and walk around. But as long as the pregnancy isn't having any problems, go for it. (Keeping in mind that you will indeed be very tired.)


Pick the kid up and drag her/him to the other side of the street, and *then* have the discussion. Urban Toddler Parent 101. And yet so many people apparently don't get it. What do you say when your friend is stopping to negotiate with her kid leaving you and your own child hanging ass-out in traffic? Grr.

I agree with Bitch PhD that the flying won't be so bad. But you may not be able to keep up with the wedding weekend schedule like you'd like to. OTOH, you'll feel like ass wherever you are, so you might as well be with people you like being with instead of moping at home alone (which is also the answer to the question "Should I take an infant to Paris over the summer?").

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