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Monday, June 13, 2005



If your blood sugar will allow, eat a butter tart for me. Love those things!


Flat round things with fruit and glaze? I believe you mean a danish. In the States you don't have danishes, or you call something else danishes (a la Smarties)?

Emma Jane

American -- well, okay, northeastern American, perhaps Minnesotans do better -- danishes are (a) totally nasty -- I think the pastry is usually more of a northern European sour-cream-in-the-dough thing (which can be wonderful of course, it just usually isn't in commercial or catering settings) than a French-ish flaky butter thing, and (b) just have jam, or some kind of cheese goop -- not a full assembly of custard, attractive fresh fruit, and clear glaze.

The overall shape is the same -- but the things here are sooooo much better. Just from the university catering service, too.

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