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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Rudbeckia Hirta

If you make a project out of non-machine-washable (felting) wool, then you can greatly reduce the number of ends to weave in. When you come to the end of the ball, you can kind of pull apart the sub-strands of the old yarn and the new yarn, mix the strands together a bit, and vigorously rub the join back and forth between wet palms. Possibly the yarn police would cite you for it, but it's probably no worse than declaring the loose ends to be found fringe.


You might just wait three or four years.

When my kid got to be four, she demanded that I crochet her blanket. I'm like, wow, you must be thinking of some other mother. She says, a pink blanket, please. Because I love pink. Can't I buy you a pink blanket? I ask. No, she says. You must make it. And crochet lots of love into it. So I will know you love me.

B/c I love the kid, I actually learned to crochet. Got one of my students to teach me. And crocheted a big pink blanket for the kid. She sleeps under it every night.

So I'm just warning you. Wait a while. That's all.

Amy E.

I am a regular lurker here and can't get over that you posted this today. I started this same blanket yesterday for my sister in law's baby due in December. So far, so good. In my swatching I decided I liked seed stitch boarders a lot better than the garter ones in the pattern. A little more annoying but they looked neater and didn't bunch at the sides at all like the garter stitch did.

Good luck. I would love to see pictures of your progress.

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