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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Rudbeckia Hirta

Re: point #5: At my department meetings I always cringe when someone brings up the failed search of years ago when one of our research groups made 4 offers to women that were all refused. The subtext that I hear is that this reflects poorly on women for turning us down and that there is no point in seriously considering female candidates in the future. (95% of our tenured/tenure-track faculty are male.)


Don't get too stressed out over a borderline hematocrit at 24 weeks. That's when your blood volume expands, and it's normal for it to drop at that point. In fact, some midwives consider it an early sign of pre-eclampsia if it doesn't drop. (Anne Frye is a good source for the details.)

If you do want to try to pump the numbers up, Floradix (at health food stores) is a liquid iron supplement that has a reputation for not being as constipating as the usual tablets. I think it's about $25/bottle.



Thank you for this post.

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