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Friday, September 02, 2005



It means nothing. Nothing, I tell you. You could go for a walk after dinner tonight--3-4 miles sounds good--and go into full-blown labor an hour later. Or you could have your membranes stripped on Tuesday and see if that does anything.

Do you have any Gatorade on hand? Becaase it's really good for early labor at home. It also tastes amazing right after you've given birth. I can't recommend "Fierce Grape" flavor highly enough.

Sally Bowles

I agree with Moxie--it doesn't mean a thing. Long walks and intercourse worked wonders for me (along with spoiled Indian takeout, but I'd suggest skipping that). All best wishes.


Ditto on the long walks. Best wishes to you three!


Ah, you're past 40 weeks! Wow! Think labor thoughts! Dilate! Time to come out, baby!

Sex can start labor. Now, having tried sex to start labor at 41 weeks +, I know for a fact that you do *not* feel like sex now. But it's worth a try....

Emma Jane

So, the sex thing. As far as I can tell, people think it might work because of the prostaglandins in semen. Now, I did a bunch of Googling a couple of weeks ago, and this is what I think I learned from it:

Even though prostaglandins are named after the prostate gland, 'cause they were first found in semen and the discoverer assumed they must be produced there, they're actually produced in the testes. Now, Beaker's peculiar anatomy means that while prostate products make it out, testicular ones don't. (Like, say, the sperm itself, hence surgical extraction, ICSI, etc.) So, hmmmm.

Moxie, I've got some Powerade in the car already. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try walking the mile to the nearest supermarket for yet more electrolyte-laden sugar water... or maybe I'll sit home and eat pasta and popsicles and sulk.


Just commenting to let you know that I'm here and checking in. Can't offer a smidgeon of suggestion about labor-triggering mechanisms, but think a walk sounds lovely. Carbo-loading sounds good, too. If it were me, I'd try to combine the two activities.

I think your father-in-law and my father must be related. Only difference? I STILL haven't finished my dissertation....

Best wishes, and promises of many mornings and evenings of feverish refreshing for the duration.


I thought the other reason for the sex thing was that an orgasm (yours, of course) would help start contractions or some such, and that the prostaglandin thing had to do with softening (?) the cervix. But then, I know nothing about this except what I read in the comments over at Jo's. Nipples seemed to come up a lot over there, too.

Just wanted you to know I was checking in and thinking of you and wishing you all the best.


Hi Emma,

I think we share a due date (Aug 29?). I, too, am still waiting and hoping that I don't make my midwife appointment next Tuesday. I've been walking a lot, but I refuce to go the castor oil route. It's too unpleasant.

good luck!

Emma almost Jane

The baby will come in her own time. When she does, you'll be ready, I'm sure. She'll probably go on changing your expectations and doing things her way for the next 50 years ;-). Popsicles are good. I lived on them for the last 2 weeks of a 41 week pregnancy in high summer here in 2001. Mick was born on 5 January, and *man* was it hot!

Thinking of you, and refreshing often. Let us know the good news soon!

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