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Monday, September 05, 2005



Well good luck! Remember to drink lots and rest while you can.

I addressed my midwives by their first names but it was an out-of-hospital lay practice fwiw.

I'll be thinking of you, hoping for an easy, quick labor with healthy you and healthy babe.



Labor day would be perfect.
get the rest while you can.


All these contractions are doing something, for sure. I know that, for me, the baby that I had the most prolonged days (and nights - mostly nights :P) of light contractions was also the easiest labor. It's all "work" toward the desired end, this is just spreading it out more. Kudos to you for sticking it out. I was 41 weeks 5 days when I had my most "overdue" baby.


What they said. The more of this dribbly early labor you have, the less hard labor you'll probably end up with. Just so you know, if you start to weep and think of all other women in labor throughout the world, you're in transition and should leave for the hospital then, because you've only got an hour or two left.

I addressed my midwives by their first names, but referred to them by complete name or as "Midwife X" to others.


How exciting! Best of luck to you!


Hope that things are going smoothly for you.

Thinking of you.


Thinking of you and of Beaker and of the baby and hoping that, whatever is happening now, you are all well. Looking forward to the next update....

boxing octopus

oooh, did you go and have a baby on us?


Hoping wherever you are in the process things are going smoothly!

Emma also Jane

Silence is probably a good sign that there's little Emker or Beamma coming. Thinking of you, and hoping it is all going as you wish it to.


Hoping that no news is baby news! Thinking of you...


Thinking of you.


Delurking to say best of luck will be thinking of you!


Just checking in. I hope everything is going well and wishing you lots of luck.


Hmmm... so.... any news?


Anxiously awaiting news....


Hoping this silence means good things! Can't wait for an update.


Definitely thinking of you and sending good energy your way!! :)

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