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Thursday, September 29, 2005



I'll tell you that I referreed two papers within weeks of the birth of my two children. After reviewing the first, which was terrible (and I was only a year into my tt-position), I wrote a colleague and asked him, "Am I being to harsh, or am I just a sleep-deprived new mother."). After the second babe, I approved the revisions on a manuscript I was reviewing (which was really better, but you have to wonder whether the first/second baby dichotomy had anythign at all to do with it).


Dr. Free-Ride

We had a similar daycare issue (which is to say, we got on waiting lists at the centers on the campus where I was teaching, but showed no signs of making it to a slot in time). At the university's Work-Life office (about 2 weeks from when the littl'un needed to be in daycare or was going to be schlepped to classes), we got the list of home-based daycare providers. Indeed, they had *just* updated the list, and pointed out a provider a mere 3 blocks off campus that had an infant opening to fill. She turned out to be the Best Daycare Provider Ever.

So, if there's an office there that might have a list of providers, possibly the provider you're really going to love is on that list and is looking for you.

(I have this theory about the universe looking out for new mothers …)


don't you love that billy bragg?

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