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Monday, October 10, 2005



Trying to get real work done while you have a newborn is nearly impossible. I had a book due when my older son was 14 weeks old. I had no idea that babies don't just take long naps every day (I thought I'd have at least three hours to work on it during naptime each day--ha!). I was three weeks late with my manuscript, even after I started working every night until 4 am, while the baby was snuggled in asleep with my husband. I was exhausted and felt like I was missing my baby's first months, and I was still late.

I hope Beaker can figure out that for you to really get anything done, he's going to have to take T out of the house for an hour or two at a time. Otherwise your ears and boobs will keep you on duty even when you're not on duty.

(And hooray on the great weigh-in and checkup. We knew you could do it.)


I'm sorry about the stuff in your department. That's got to be really frustrating!


I am supposed to be working on my dissertation. "This is a good time to be pregnant and have a newborn," I thought. "I can work on it while she sleeps!" ha ha somehow it just hasn't worked out that way.

She's 3 months old now. I haven't even TOUCHED my data. I might finish the PsyD before she goes to kindergarten, I might not. We'll see. I am seriously thinking about hiring my friend's teenage daughter to take Niblet for a walk every afternoon so I can have just one hour to work on it.

boxing octopus

I am currently grading papers while I neglect my 11-week-old boy, who is oblivious to the fact that I'm neglecting him because he loveslovesloves his mobile. However, when nighttime velcro-time takes over, all hopes of getting work done fly out the window. And I haven't even had to write any papers yet!

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