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Thursday, November 17, 2005



ugh. You're right too - the faculty kids and the locals will not mix much if that's the set of attitudes. I've been assuming I know where you are from hints you've dropped (I won't post it!) but if so, I did part of my undergrad there and it was definitely a weirdly separated kind of existence even as a student.

These days I live in a small, largely blue collar town just outside of a university town and I see that set of attitudes constantly. I feel like I live with a foot in each place and it's definitely weird and limiting for the intellectual community to be dismissive of the rest of the area, especially when they are so separated as to have no idea of the veracity of their ideas.


It's hard to know what to think about future school issues, not knowing the specifics, but yeah: public school can throw all sorts of unspoken divisions into sharp relief.

Didn't you write once that a lot of Granolaton faculty spouses were going the homeschooling route? Further dividing the town's residents?

That seems to be less of an issue here, because professional folks so dominate the local schools. But there's a town-county divide that probably replicates precisely the sorts of issues you hint at.

I really loathe faculty parties. Too stressful by half.

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