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Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Yikes. It took all the social assertiveness I don't have to say hello to my undergrad advisor who is now pres of nat'l organization in my field at the conference last year, but at least I don't have to worry about my grad advisor insulting me.


Hi -- Can't remember exactly what blog I originally found you through, but I hear you about the conferences and the pumping and undue stress. I've basically put myself on hiatus from them until my little one is weaned.


PS. Sorry about Beaker and the hospital.


I'm ditching academia after this year. I didn't do much (read: any) research when I was pregnant last year and I'm going to do even less now that I've got a little baby. I'm depressed about dropping my baby off at daycare where he cries all day. And I feel like a total sham at the office--I feel horribly guilty about taking this fantastic post-doc position (that many people would love to have) and not doing any research at all.

Meh. I'm impressed that you're "doing it all". I want to quit tomorrow and get my boy out of his lame ass daycare. :(


Well, the kids started kindergarten today, so I am now officially in my finish-it-or-dump-it dissertation year, and I'm wishing you would write more here. 'Though understanding why you don't.

And I'm sorry about Beaker. I hope it all goes as well as it can and should.

(Don't you wish you really could deliver such an address? A little bit?)

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