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Friday, December 22, 2006



Ah, the great conundrum (complicated several times over for you and Beaker). Good luck resolving that one.

I gave away everything, ruthlessly, in the sure expectation that this would enable me to have another one. (I must have absorbed this from Erma Bombeck, who wrote an essay about not throwing away her maternity clothes because they were a form of birth control. I find now that I wish Bombeck had been more upfront about the adoptive status of one/two of her children, but that's a topic for another day.)

Here I am, six years out, and I still wish I could have another. But circumstances do fly by.

All of which is just to say, who knows, have fun whatever ends up happening, and hey, the sperm ain't going anywhere.

Congrats on pumping for such a good long time. And Happy Holidays!


I didn't let myself think about a second when I was trying for the first (except for the thoughts of ivf twins). Before I was out of my first trimester, though, I was already wishing I could have a second (and worrying that the very thought would be bad luck for the first). We don't have any embryos on ice to push the issue, and I'm already 40, so it's unlikely.


This is where the term "permanent loan" comes in handy. I have many things (including a pump) on permanent loan from a friend of mine who isn't having any more kids...in all likelihood ;) She likes to keep things "around", just in case??? I know the feeling.

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