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Friday, April 06, 2007



As I read your post I came up with the notion that the classroom might be a little like an undersea membrane. When something breaks through it's never in the form that the occupants had quite anticipated.

John Texas

Seems to me that the professorette has a low threshold of sluttish, but I probably spend to much time in the company of respectable ladies of ill repute. With best regards, J.


I was teaching a basic probability class once and discussing the odds of having a disease if you tested positive based on the false positive rate and all of a sudden a girl raised her hand and blurted out "what about pregnancy tests?" I felt so bad for her actually. She was so anxious and upset that she couldn't even restrain herself from outing her situation to a whole class of peers--she could've asked after class. And what? Did she think I'd actually know? I'm a mathematician.


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