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Monday, May 21, 2007



Flea read it and reviewed it at Feministe (and cited some particularly objectional parts in the comments.

Basically, the boys vs. girls ideology of the authors sucks, but the how-to parts are mostly great and capable of entertaining a child for hours.

Hers was the first review I read of the book and I thought it set up the basic issues fairly well. (Commenters took her to task for assuming most girls wouldn't be put off by the title, though.)


I would be all for the book if the title was "The Dangerous Book for Boys and Girls." Would that be so hard? Rough and tumble play is about celebrating being a KID, not just being a BOY.




Emma Jane

Bingo, Elizabeth!

At first it translated as a general "I want...," but I think she's narrowed the meaning quite a bit...


If it helps ease your conscience, I did scan the book for a longish period of time in the bookstore. It wasn't just the title, by far -- the editorial content about "what boys want" and "who boys are" and "how you're different from girls" could have been extracted wholesale from a 1950s boys' magazine.

Elizabeth is much more clever than me. Of course "I want/mine" makes perfect sense in retrospect, but I was clueless.

Ah, I miss toddlers....

Mark Vane

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