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Monday, January 14, 2008



Good luck.

Are you prowling IF blogs the second time around, or sticking to the old standbys? I can't remember how, exactly, but I stumbled back out into the next generation of IF blogs and was struck by how very, very long ago it all felt -- and also by how completely blogs vanish into the ether, because you'd think that the conversations of three years ago had never happened. There they are being replicated all over again.

God willing, your results will replicate themselves, too.


Think positive. Your response this time around may surprise you!

Good luck. Crossing fingers for you.


Speaking from ignorance here, but does Cornell do oocyte freezing? Is that an option if you don't have enough eggs this time around to make it worthwhile to defrost a vial?

I hope that you don't have to worry about it, though - good luck!


I salute you, and wish you well in all of this.

I well remember acting just as Miss T is doing on occasions when my mother was away. When Mum is like an extension of the self, there's an element of "how dare you" to all those actions she dares take outside the home!

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