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Monday, June 02, 2008



Oh damn.


I realize that you are not the one to determine your protocol, but perhaps you could look into a Femara short cycle? I am a patient at the largest European fertility/research center (Brussels), and have had poor response often enough. (I am also one of the masochists who returned for more disappointment after cancellation -- though this happens more in countries that cover IVF as part of national health care)/ My doctors hesitated about the BCP+short cycle option (saying there was some early indicators that the MC rate was higher), but had quite good results with Femara during the start of a short cycle (suppression with either antagonist or agonist, whatever worked). I cannot say it worked for me, since I have had a consistent problem with "empty" (immature, large) follicles. But it has worked for co-cyclers, and given your situation, it's what I might try.
But that is talking about the future. In the meantime, I am genuinely sorry. I know too well this disappointment, and would not wish it on anyone.


Ugh. Tired and sad sucks.


So sorry about this stage. Hope the little ones break out today.

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