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Thursday, September 11, 2008



Yeeheehee! I'm grinning, right here I'm sitting at my computer and I'm grinning.

I can see how tempting NYC would be. Either way, it's all good right now!


Woo hoo!

luo lin

Yay, hooray!

Also, what is it with local labs? On my first ivf, the local lab somehow decided that my Cornell doctor had canceled the test. So, I have an idea about how many phone calls it took.


Hooray! Congratulations!

Sorry your blood work was late, but that's a lovely number.


Congratulations! Will be hoping it just keeps on getting better from here.


wow, fantastic. (i just got off the phone with my doctor, who was suggesting thawing 5 zygotes, which seemed perhaps a bit aggressive to me... but then remembered someone i know on the internet just transferred 5 and better check up on her! i like your beta number, doesn't look like triplets, so maybe 5 is a good number to thaw after all?)

cornell will be managing no matter where you get the ultrasounds, right?

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