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Monday, September 01, 2008



Oh, I don't know where to start.

I'm sorry about your grandmother. Beaker is right about the letters. If only there were easier ways to transfer e-mail to a letter, you know? Some service you could pay, and then send the e-mails and they would drop the letters in the mail.

I'm glad you were all together in the City this time.

When will the 2ww be over? Please tell me it's not already done.


Oh, please please please universe, let this work.


Good luck with this cycle! Five embryos is a great number - I hope one sticks for you (and not just to the catheter!).

My great-aunt died of lung cancer with a very similar set of symptoms. For what it's worth, she didn't really suffer at the end, and she was still able to enjoy her family right up through her last few days. I hope your grandmother will be similarly blessed. How about one of those digital photo frames that you can hook to the telephone line, so that you can upload new pictures to it remotely? It's not the same as a letter, but it might help if she could see new pictures of Miss T frequently.

We'll be thinking good thoughts for you here.


but what grade were the embryos? :)

so sorry about your grandmother.

have you seen the blog "square peg, round whole" by a current infertile, former academic?


Yay, I am so happy to read you again, and I am crossing my fingers.

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