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Thursday, October 02, 2008



I am a total stranger, but have been reading since before Miss T was born. Even if you can't share with those you see on a daily basis, you can share with us. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.


Oh, honey.

Hoping the next week goes quickly and that the sun is shining next Thursday.


Oh, Emma Jane.

I'm so so sorry.


I'm so sorry.
I will hope that the week goes quickly and with it comes good news.


I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you this week.


I feel as though I want to say "Oh, sweetheart!" which is highly inappropriate seeing as how I don't actually know you... so anyway.

Sorry. I/we realise more each day, I think, how lucky we were.


Oh, I am so sorry. I am just so sorry.

long time lurker

I am shy -- perhaps shyer than you -- and almost never de-lurk. But my heart goes out to you on this cold, frosty evening and I want to offer whatever warmth and connection I can.

You were actually my gateway into the world of fertility blogs. I found yours four years ago (maybe more??) through an entry about tenure on the Chronicle of Higher Education website and then was mesmerized by the world I discovered by clicking on your "Is your family too small?" link. Why yes, yes it was. You led me to Julie, Cecily, Grrrl, Julia, Jody and everyone else at a time I desperately needed to know I wasn't alone.

By reading the tea leaves over time, I've deduced that I am about 6 months younger than you are, but four or five years behind you on the tenure hamster wheel. Tonight I was flooded with gratitude all over again as I tucked my hard-won, never-taken-for-granted 7 month old daughter under her snowflake-printed flannel blanket. Sometimes there are happy endings, and then there are the ones you aren't sure you can survive. While I'm hoping fervently for the former, I know the odds of the second are significantly higher for you right now.

Please know that another academic quasi-fertile in the Indiaohiois (sp?) region is sending her warmest and fondest wishes your way tonight.


So sorry, I hope things somehow turn around and Dr. Google doesn't know all the possible eigenvalues.


I'm sorry.


I'm sorry - I really hope you beat the odds.


I'm still here, and I'm going to just go ahead and hold out a bit of hope for you. Can't help it, honey.

I'm so sorry you are going through this.


I'm so, so very sorry. Waiting to know for sure is so hard, too.


so so sorry, and hoping against hope that you don't have to experience the empty, empty comfort that you were right not to be telling anyone about the pregnancy.

just remember that you have done, and are doing, everything in your power to give that embryo the best possible chance. the best. the rest is out of your hands.

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