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Thursday, January 29, 2009



So relieved you posted. So happy things are going well. We worry you know, we anonymous people on teh internets!


So glad to read an update, and that all is well!

Does that new pump compare nicely to the P-I-S? I always worry about the power of those smaller motors.

That New Yorker article brought me up a little short, too.

Not to get greedy for the info, but are you doing any special knitting? Or is labeling taking up your nesting time?


So glad to see an update - I've been thinking about you. How is Miss T doing? Does she understand what's going on with Mommy? How has Beaker been feeling?


Very glad to hear things are going well!


hooray that all is well! i was quite worried about beaker, actually, as i tried to imagine what was keeping you from posting all this time.


YAY! I, too, was worried about Beaker's health. Winter is not kind to those with problematic lungs. I am delighted to hear that you are all well.

Sisters are wonderful.


YAY, two. So glad things are going well.


So happy to hear from you, and so glad things are going well. Best wishes!


I am so thrilled to hear that things are going well! Congratulations to your whole family (and yay for two girl families - lots of them lately, eh?).


So happy to hear all is well!


Hoping that all is still well....When are finals, anyway? And will you still make them?


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It is great to know that it is a girl. It is nice to see you so brave and frank. Keep posting!

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