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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Emma Jane

Good Lord, does modern comment spam suck. (Well, I can't even call it modern; I think Typepad cut off access after my credit card expired.)


I'm so sorry. I hope your trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Whoa. I am sorry that almost every time I have the pleasure of seeing a new post it is because something stressful or awful is happening in your life.

but does the new blog name mean you are promoted to full?


Emma-Jane, as usual when you are posting here you have a lot to deal with. For what it's worth, you always seem like you are well able to express what went on in your family and create pretty sensible strategies for continuing to deal with it. I can imagine it's incredibly tough, but you will get through this.

Jacquie | @After_Words

Ugh. Good to hear from you but so sorry about the circumstances.

Oliver Harvey

It's so sad to hear it. And I wish you be strong.


Good luck, everything's gonna be fine... sooner or later! Looking forward for your new posts with good news :)


it was two months ago,
are you doing? How did it go?

Rebecca R. Zuckerman

Well... I'm really sorry! This is an awful situation. I really wish you much strength and hope everything is going to be alright!

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